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"The Beginner's Guide" eBook contains all what is needed to learn bridge and start playing and enjoying it in a social or competitive ambience. It has 14 clearly-presented, easy-to-follow and learn lessons, including numerous examples, quizzes and usefull Appendices.
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"A Simpler Blue Club System" book presents a simplified and modernized style of one of the most successful bidding systems of all times: the Blue Team Club system.
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Dan Berkley's Bridge Lessons - This is the best of all these....In some way it'd be better to buy a regular book, but this is the best bridge eBook I've seen......."Learning Bridge" website

I just saw how you present the (Simpler Blue Club) system and I believe it is the best way - Benito Garozzo


"Bridge is the king of all card games." - Bill Gates

"Bridge is one of the great pleasures of life." - Malcom Forbes

"Bridge is possibly the best game devised by mankind..." - Andrew Robson

"No matter where I go, I always make friends at the bridge table." - Martina Navratilova

Bridge is a skilled trick-taking type of card game for four or groups of four people, playing in pairs. In the first case, the game is usually played in a rubber format and the winner is the pair that accumulates the greatest number of points, awarded according to certain rules. In the second case, or duplicate bridge, the same distribution of cards is played at all the tables and the winning pair is decided by comparing the results from each table. In this case, bridge is not a game anymore; it is a fair competitve sport from which luck has been eliminated. It has been recognized as such by the International Olympic Committee.

The game itself is considered to be "the most mind stimulating card game ever conceived." Studies show that people playing bridge enjoy a better mind health and that children learning or playing bridge do better in school. True, it takes some time to learn it and even longer time to master it. However, you do this only once and then you can enjoy it for your entire life.

The keys to a fast and easy learning are good, straight-forward, easy-to-learn lessons and practice. It is fun, not a chore! Try to find a friend or a relative or even your own child who would also like to learn it and do it together. It is even more fun and you already have found your partner! At the end of the lessons, both of you would have learned the same system and you would already have the bidding and playing tuned properly.

The "Bridge - The Beginner's Guide" eBook's lessons are based on the "Standard American 5-card major" bidding system, one of the most popular systems in the world. The eBook also includes examples, quizzes, glossary of terms, scoring tables, relevant elements of the "Laws of Duplicate Bridge" related to ethics and etiquette. The book is for people of all ages who have never played bridge before but want to learn it easily and quickly and also for those who want a "refresher" or to "polish" their game. Thus, there are sometimes more detailed explanations than presented in typical bridge-learning books for beginners. However, in the end, you may find yourself being not too much of a beginner after all. Click HERE to see a sample lesson. It is my hope that by the end of these lessons you have grasped the beauty of the game and start playing it and enjoying it.

The "Simpler Blue Club System" book presents a simplified and modernized style of the Blue Team Club bidding system, the system that helped the Italian Blue Team to dominate decisively the world of bridge in 1960s and 1970s and make them perhaps the best bridge team of all times.The book includes numerous examples and quizzes to help in understanding the logics behind various bidding sequences. It is addressed to the bridge players of various levels who want to learn a strong club bidding system for becoming more competitive or just to pick up elements for improving their own system. Click HERE to see Benito Garozzo's foreword and a few sample Chapters.

Good places to play are the local and Internet bridge clubs. There, you will meet players of all levels, from novice to experts and from teenagers to grandparents.

You can also use computer bridge programs like Q-Plus or applications for mobiles like BriJ to complement and practice what you learned, tune-up your game by yourself or together with your partner, or get a good challange. They have features specifically dedicated to learning the game and they are extensively customizable. Both of them allow you to practice and play with your partner. Q-Plus does this by using your Local Area Network (LAN) to connect two computers, while BriJ allows you to connect two mobile devices (running Android or iOS) using Bluetooth, without the need for a WiFi or LAN connection or for using your carrier's network.

I am looking forward to meeting you soon at the table!

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Easy to understand and good.......C. P. Porto

Your lessons are a lot better and easier to follow than some books I bought before.......Margot Mazeau

I find the lessons excellent for my purpose. You have good organizational skills. The explanations are clear and placed where they should be. Thank you....... Parks Hendry

I bought this book for my wife, who had decided to take up Bridge after a 40 year lapse in playing. As it turned out, the Bridge class she began to attend after receiving the book uses this as the class text, so this was a happy coincidence. She likes the book a lot and is finding it very helpful. As a former English Teacher, she is a pretty tough critic, and she is the one who told me to give it 5 stars. I am not a Bridge player and have not read the book myself, but my wife is never wrong about anything , so I conclude that this is a really good book....... Abe


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Foreword by Benito Garozzo, the creator of the original Blue Club system and one of the best bridge players of all times

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